I tried to add all our references and the links to the files section. As I am challenged, I am not sure this worked. There were two files, FEMA P-750 and FEMA 232 that were to large to download. They can be found under: http://www.fema.gov/plan/prevent/earthquake/professionals.shtm

Here is the link to the Assessment of damage to residential buildings caused by the Northridge earthquake: http://www.huduser.org/publications/pdf/earthqk.pdf

Another good link is the following on The Role of FEMA in the NEHRP: http://www.nehrp.gov/pdf/ppt_rof_fema.pdf

I found this powerpoint on the evaluation system and included it as my references. I do not have my APA with me - so someone please check my version of the paper and make sure I have annotated correctly. I think this helps fill out the evaluation section.